What is DiamondTome?
This is a microdermabrasion without the use of crystals, salts or other loose particles propelled onto the skin.  The DiamondTomeTM Aesthetic Exfoliation System with its unique DiamondTomeWands, is an evolution in microdermabrasion technology.
 What are the benefits?
The benefits of DiamondTome's  innovative approach to skin rejuvenation, provides men and women an alternative to removing dead skin and eliminating superficial blemishes resulting from aging, acne, injury, or prolonged exposure to the sun.  The results include healthier, more youthful-looking skin with a silky smooth feel.
How it does it work?
The DiamondTome Aesthetic Exfoliation system and the DiamondTome Wands remove layers of skin by polishing it with natural diamond chips and vacuuming the dead skin in a controlled manner. Removing the dead skin leaves a smoother surface and promotes new growth. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, each DiamondTome Wand is plated with pure nickel and natural diamond chips sifted to the exact micron size. Wands are available in four micron chip sizes to insure proper resurfacing for each individual's skin type.  Selecting the appropriate diamond chip, along with the adjustable vacuum, allows for a controlled abrasion.
Who is a candidate for this procedure?
Safe for all skin types, this treatment is virtually pain-free, using only sterilized or disposable instruments and producing only a slight amount of redness.  Because there are no crystals being propelled onto the skin the DiamondTome Aesthetic Exfoliation System allows the therapist to treat areas closer to the eyes and those fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.